Beautiful, Big & Tender

T Bones

Min. 395gm (14oz)

£8.00 each

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Our Super Sirloin Steaks are sure to delight

Dry aged, full of flavour and super tender

195 - 225 gm (7-8 oz)

Just £5.00 each

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Our ever popular

Finest Rump Steak

Min. 195 - 225gm (7-8oz)

£4.00 each

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Our favourite Steak

Full of Flavour

Traditionally Matured Rib Eye

195-225gm (7-8 oz)

£5.00 each

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For the Connoisseur

Our Superb Fillet Steaks

195-225gm (7-8oz)

£7.50 each

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